Braves Card of the Day: 2006 Topps Update Edgar Renteria All Star #UH231

I have to admit something that’s a little shameful. I think Edgar’s last name sounds like an intestinal disorder.

2006 Topps renteriaAS uh231a

2006 Topps renteriaAS uh231b

Braves Card of the Day: 1997 Topps Chipper Jones #276

Even if you couldn’t see his face, you would know this is a play from early in Chipper’s career. In his later years, any ball on the ground was fielded with an “olé” matador style stab. In his younger days, he’d put his body in front of the ball.

Of course, we aren’t all Chipper fans because of his glove.

1997 Topps chipper 276a

1997 Topps chipper 276b

Braves Card of the Day: 1963 Topps Ron Piché #179

Lew Burdette is not the only player whose name Topps screwed up in the “vintage” days of collecting. Piché was a French Canadian who spent parts of six seasons in the majors in the 60s. On all of his Topps cards, they neglected to include the accent mark on the last letter of his last name. Of course, Baseball Reference and Fangraphs both leave it off too. No matter. They are all wrong.

1963 Topps Piche 179a

1963 Topps Piche 179b

Braves Card of the Day: 1998 Topps Michael Tucker #19

It’s not Michael Tucker’s fault that the Braves traded Jermaine Dye for him, but I’ve always held it against him.

I blame Schuerholz. I’ve never liked him, even when he was making GOOD decisions.

1998 Topps tucker 19a

1998 Topps tucker 19b

Braves Card of the Day: 1996 Topps Marquis Grissom #297

Uniform dirty, cloud of dust in the air, and looking at the umpire to see the call? Yes, that’s how I remember Marquis Grissom.

1996 Topps grissom 297a

1996 Topps grissom 297b

Braves Card of the Day: 1960 Topps Johnny Logan #205

Sometimes, I wish I could complete an entire vintage set with cards in this condition. I love cards like this: poor condition but without missing paper.

1960 Topps logan 205b

Braves Card of the Day: 1981 Topps Atlanta Braves Team Card #675

If I were to make a long list of the problems with the flagship Topps set, the lack of good team cards would be near the top of the list.

8lT4SD.jpg 8lT3J0.jpg

Braves Card of the Day: 1980 Topps Rowland Office #39

I’m lazy, so I need to ask for your help. Can someone find a public domain picture of Rowland Office with the Braves and switch out the damned Yankees picture from his Wikipedia page? Please.

1980 Topps office 39a

Braves Card of the Day: 1967 Topps Tony Cloninger #490

If you want to see a truly great Tony Cloninger stat, check out this tweet from @obxleatherman.

Braves Card of the Day: 2018 Bowman Ozzie Albies ROY Favorite

Is Topps even trying?

Albies had 217 at-bats last year.

Amed Rosario - 165.

Clint Frazier - 134.

Dominic Smith - 167.

Nick Williams - 313.

Rafael Devers - 222.

Rhys Hoskins - 170.

130 is the cut off for ROY eligibility.

Another Topps failure.

I did something rare today. I went to a card shop with my Father-In-Law. He was picking up a few cards from his LARGE Mantle collection they sent to have graded and I picked up three 1955s and nine 1959s for my sets. I haven’t seen vintage in shops in a long time. Had fun!

Braves Card of the Day: 1962 Topps Roy McMillan All-Star #393

According to Baseball Reference, Roy McMillan was not an All-Star in 1961. I thought Topps All-Star cards matched up with actual All-Star game experiences. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’ve never actually checked to see if this was the case. I’m also a little too lazy to check now. I have less trouble admitting that.



Braves Card of the Day: 2015 Bowman Chrome Autograph Mike Soroka

Welcome to the Big Leagues young man. That was a quality debut last night. I’m looking forward to watching @Mike_Soroka28 pitch for years!

87PzQP.jpg 87PlAZ.jpg

Braves Card of the Day: 1954 Bowman Andy Pafko #112

Andy Pafko was an excellent player with a long and productive career in the big leagues. He spent the last seven years of his career with the Braves. All that, but the only fact I had at hand about Pafko is that he was pictured on the first card in the 1952 Topps set.

877GCZ.jpg 877yhK.jpg

Braves Card of the Day: 1949 Bowman Earl Torgeson #17

A rather large number of my 1949 Bowman Braves team set consists of cards with tape on them. I can only assume that a previous owner had them taped down on a page. I’m happy to provide these cards a home in my collection, but for the life of me, I don’t understand this as a method of putting cards in an album. How do you look at the backs?

876nNr.jpg 876e37.jpg

Braves Card of the Day: 1979 Topps Dale Murphy #39

To the Veteran’s Committee by the Baseball Project (Written by R.E.M.’s Mike Mills @m_millsey)

If you don’t like Dale Murphy, there’s something wrong with ya.

Braves Card of the Day: 1997 Topps Fred McGriff #352

Crime Dog got it!

Braves Card of the Day: 1996 Topps Mark Wohlers #49

Wohlers was a good closer, until he wasn’t. His is not an unusual story for a reliever.

He’s also one of two former Braves players who has blocked me on Twitter, at least from his old account.

1996 Topps Wohlers 49b

Braves Card of the Day: 2010 Topps Update Jonny Venters #288

In all the excitement over the debut of Ronald Acuña Jr. for the Braves last night, it was easy to lose track of one of the better baseball stories of the day. Jonny Venters, former ace reliever for the Braves who has undergone 3 and a half Tommy John surgeries, returned to the big leagues yesterday pitching for the Rays. It was his first major league appearance since the 2012 NL Wild Card Game. Jonny was lights out his three years with the Braves and is one of the game’s good guys. This is exciting and welcome news.

Braves Card of the Day: 2017 Bowman Chrome Ronald Acuña Auto

If he goes 0 for 4 tonight, I can’t wait to read the panicked reactions of Braves fans on Twitter.