Braves Collection: Gary Sheffield

2008 Topps Moments and Milestones #52

So, how can a guy about to hit his 500th home run be considered a disappointment? Steroid crap aside, Sheffield just always seemed to underperform his talent, except, maybe, for contract years. Of course, his attitude stinks. He almost never seemed happy to be playing on a team.

That said, his first year with the Braves was solid, and then … in 2003 … he was outstanding, with an MVP caliber year. Maybe it was Bobby Cox’s influence, but he never seemed as unhappy in Atlanta as he did seemingly everywhere else. Of course, he bolted for the Yankees that off season. (On the other hand, I’ll never forget how Sheff just disappeared in both of his post-seasons with the Braves.)

I just didn’t hate Moments and Milestones as much as everyone else. Sure, the cards all looked too similar. The concept was a little dull to be honest. Still, I bought like four or five packs of the 2007 issue and got like 5 cards of Maddux, and a few of Glavine. Sort of an easy way to expand a player collection. Sure, a cheap and easy way … still.

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  1. Funny I saw this 5 years later but still a nice read! I don’t know if you’ll see this but I’m a Sheffield collector searching the net to see if anyone else has their collections displayed. I own a complete set of Sheffield 2008 moments and milestones /150. A second set /150 with only 5 cards missing. And a 3rd set /150 with 153 cards of the 480 thus far. My black set /25 consists of around 250 cards now as well. I’ve only managed around 20 of the blue /10 though. Thanks for the read! If you have any Sheffield shoot me an email at Thanks!

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