Month: April 2009

Braves Collection: Oddibe McDowell

1990 Upper Deck #145

One of a group of thoroughly mediocre outfielders to grace the Braves in the 1985 – 1990 period. I remember him most for his USA Olympic team card in the 1985 Topps set. He just missed out on playing for the Braves in 1991 when he was cut in late March. Days later, we would trade for Otis Nixon and I think it’s safe to say that with Oddibe instead of Otis, the season might have been a disaster.

Maddux Collection: 1993 Score #527

Two thoughts …

  • If you’re going to put a caricature of player on a card, the caricature should, at the very least, resemble the player.
  • I’m always happy to have a Maddux card where he’s depicted in a Braves uniform, but it is strange to me that he was a Cub on the ’92 All-Star team, yet the All-Star card shows him as a Brave.

Glavine Collection: 1992 Topps Kids #34

I love this set with all my heart. I love the cartoons on the back. I love the way many of the players have cartoon bodies (but not Glavine for some reason). I love the bright colors. I love that packs were only 35 cents each. I love that the cards were printed on paper of slightly less quality than loose leaf notebook paper. If anyone put out a set like this today, I’d buy it up in a heartbeat. (Well, if I was working that is.) This puts Opening Day and First Edition to shame.

Braves Collection: Yunel Escobar

2008 Topps #185

I’ve always thought the Braves you could a few guys more like Escobar. I love his fire and his passion. (I also love Derek Lowe for following the code and supporting Escobar.) I have no problem with quiet professionalism, look at the guys I named this blog after, but it’s nice to have young guys who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Other teams may not like it, but I gotta say, as a Braves fan, I love it. I’m glad Escobar is still our shortstop.

Braves Collection: Randy Johnson

1985 Topps #458

Randy Johnson is not only one of the dominant pitchers of his era, he is one of the greatest left-handers to ever take the mound. Look for the strikeout machine to make his final mark on history this season when he captures his 300th career victory. He’s a first ballot hall-of-famer.

Oops. Wrong guy.

Glavine Collection: 1999 Upper Deck Retro #10

There doesn’t seem to be any new information out there about Glavine’s recovery, but I found this terrific column from Canada about a Glavine fan who is now watching the players he grew up with retire. I know the feeling. As a fan who came of age in the late 70s through the 80s, all of my early favorite players are long, long gone. Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt, Andre Dawson, Dale Murphy, Tim Raines, J.R. Richard … the names go on and on.

Still, my reward for all of those bad teams the Braves fielded in the 80s was the 90s and now those guys are on their way out. Maddux quit. Glavine may very well be finished. I can’t see Smoltz pitching more than another year at most. Mr. Carroll, I know just what you mean by “Fan-Life Crisis”.