Month: November 2010

Autograph Collection: Felix Pie #1

I managed to pull two Felix Pie autographs from two straight boxes a few years ago. I was going to post them both, but I can’t seem to find the other. What are the chances that it sucked so hard that it collapsed into itself and is gone forever?

Why Felix Pie today? Lets just say he had an interesting reaction towards an umpire in winter ball.

Glavine Collection: 1997 Pinnacle #61

What’s the best way to ruin a nice action shot? A gigantic piece of gold foil! Still, you have to give Pinnacle some credit for including various Atlanta area landmarks and heroes on the gold foil.

Glavine Collection: 1997 New Pinnacle #154

Gold foil … everywhere there’s gold foil … however … let me say … I do like how they have his name in blue and I think it would look MUCH better if the name was framed in silver foil instead of gold foil. (Gotta say, I’m hating on the logo too.) Tom’s looking pretty serious there, isn’t he?
The back is awfully nice. The Career Best line is an interesting addition to the stat block.  I like the factoid to the left. Nice.

Glavine Collection: 1997 Pinnacle Inside ’97 #57

Nice. I could live without the gold foil logo though. Way big and way too distracting from the picture.
I say it over, and over again: I prefer full stats on the back of the card. STILL, if you are  going to do something different, do it well. I like the info on the back of this card. It’s certainly better than monthly or by team stats.

Glavine Collection: 1997 Pinnacle Xpress #109

Now THIS is a cool baseball card. I love the borders with the team color. Both photos are good. Nice clean use of the blank background. If they hadn’t used gold foil, this might be a nearly perfect card for the time period.
Argh!!!!! Monthly stats???? Why, why, why? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why spoil such a pretty card back?

Maddux Collection: 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Swatches #GM

I really can’t decide if I like this card or not. I know the back is next to useless. Is the ‘G’ necessary? Would this have looked better with just a window showing the swatch? Is it me or are all relic cards pretty much old hat at this point? Am I stating the obvious? Am I really to lazy to write anything other than this about this card?

Maddux Collection: 2003 Donruss Diamond King #4

There should be a constitutional amendment banning a card from being called a Diamond King if it hasn’t been painted by Dick Perez. (That’s not a comment on the quality of this card … it is rather nice.)

Maddux Collection: 2003 Leaf #134

There sure were a lot of good looking cards from this time period. I’m especially keen on the pixelated background on the right side of the card.
Damn. The back looks good too.

Autograph Collection: Troy Tulowitzki

One of the better autographs I managed to pull myself. Troy is certainly one of the better young players in the game, and since I don’t hate the Rockies, at least not with any sort of burning passion, I’m happy to have pulled his card. I’ll also be happy to trade it. Any offers?