Month: February 2011

Maddux Collection: 2005 Leaf Certified Materials #178

It can’t be easy for Braves fans to give up cards of this great pitcher, but I want to thank Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping for sending this card my way in a recent trade. I need to pull out all my extra Maddux cards where I can replenish other’s Maddux stocks.

Glavine Collection: 2008 Topps Trading Card History #TCH37

Thanks to BA Benny, a Mets fan, for sending me, a Braves fan, a card of one of my three favorite players in a Mets uniform. (No sarcasm intended!!!! I’ll take any Glavine card I can get my grubby little hands on.)
Topps did a terrific job on the back of this card. Could you possibly ask for a more informative description of the design than “1910 Baseball Card”? Well, in a strange bout of  non-laziness I pulled out my Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards with the full intention of researching the origin of the design. Upon seeing the number of sets released in 1910, the laziness returned.

Does anyone know?


So, I’m pretty damned excited to watch the Braves – Mets game on MLB TV today. There’s a problem. The broadcast is from WPIX. That’s the Mets station. If there’s anything I learned from watching a Braves-Mets game last year during spring training is that I cannot stand the Mets announcers. Embarrassingly bad. Awful. Pathetic. Basically, the perfect announcers for employment by the Wilpon family.

So, I’ve got the game on MLB TV and I’m streaming the Braves audio over my phone. Naturally, they aren’t in sync. Oh well, at least I’ve got Braves baseball to watch again.

Set Collection: 2011 Topps Series 1

How awesome is Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping? Well, he offered me this card to complete my set. Why is that so awesome? It is awesome because he only had the one and he is also trying to complete the set. To reward his generosity, I sent him a stack from his want list. (Damn, I love completing a set.)

You the man Derek!

Mail Call!!!!

Thanks to Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping! He just helped me out with my favorite thing in collecting. More on that this afternoon.

A big thanks to the Daily Dimwit … again … for helping me clear out a chunk of my 2009 Allen & Ginter wants AND for the two Smoltz relics. Thanks Sam!! I have so few Smoltz relics and these are both awesome!! Look for posts soon of the cards.

Maddux Collection: 1993 Classic #T56

The design for Classic in 1993 is hardly spectacular … in fact … it’s almost like a low-rent Score design. Still, compared to their first few sets during the time period, it was practically 1953 Topps.
Thanks to AdamE at Thoughts and Sox for the card! Frankly, I had no idea that Classic was still making cards in 1993. Always nice to learn something!

Smoltz Collection: 2008 Topps Heroes Red #7

First, I love this set. I occasionally give consideration to trying and complete it. Second, of all the parallels, I love the RED the most. This is just a sweet, sweet card.

Thanks to BA Benny for this awesome card!

Baseball America Top Prospect Braves

Well, Baseball America has released their top 100 prospects, and here are the Braves on the list:

93. Arodys Vizcaino – I look for him to move up big time on the list next year once he shows he has overcome his injury. He was mentioned in the same breath as Teheran after the Vazquez trade.

86. Craig Kimbrel – If Kimbrel can throw strikes the way he did at the end of last season, then he will be more valuable that many of the names ahead of him on this list.

37. Mike Minor – As much as I like Beachy, I would prefer to see Minor win the spot in the rotation. It would be nice to be able to throw at least one lefty out there each time through the rotation.

35. Randall Delgado – I hope to get a chance to watch Delgado, Teheran and Vizcaino pitch this year. Teheran and Vizcaino have sucked up all the oxygen to the point that the common Braves fan has no idea how good this kid is. (He is very, very good.)

17. Freddie Freeman – I have little doubt that he will contend for Rookie of the Year. It will be fun to get to watch him play day in and day out this year.

5. Julio Teheran – He ended up the top ranked pitcher, barely edging out Hellickson and Chapman. Given the choice, and knowing that the guy isn’t needed immediately, I’d take Teheran out of the three, but I’m not sure you could go wrong with any of them. (I must say, I’m not sure I get using Chapman as a setup man.)

Agree? Disagree?

UPDATE: Well, now the site has Hellickson 5th and Teheran 6th. Fair enough. I’ll still take Teheran.