Autograph Collection: Chipper Jones

Well, as my first order of business in my return to regular blogging, I give you my most recent acquisition, and so far, my only autograph of this not so young player. He has a pretty good reputation. Most people seem to think he belongs in the hall-of-fame. As I understand it, he has dominated the Mets over the years. What do you think? Any good?

4 Responses to “Autograph Collection: Chipper Jones”

  1. Nice auto. What Topps set is that from? I believe Larry Wayne has a good chance at getting into the Hall. Not sure if he'll be a first ballot entry, but I think he'll make it eventually.

  2. That is a SWEET card! Colbey already asked, so I'll be interested in seeing what set that is from. I think Chip is a first ballot HOFer.

  3. It's a 1998 Topps issue, but I have no idea what set its from. I should get off my lazy butt and find my SCD catalog!

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