Month: June 2011

Glavine Collection: 2000 Topps #241

Greg Maddux cards often feature a goofy face. Its a nice change of pace because otherwise, virtually every picture of a great pitcher in their motion tends to look the same. Now, Tom Glavine cards often catch him in his pitching motion. Fine. No problem. Typically, as for a lot of southpaws, it looks great … it just doesn’t vary much from card to card. The problem with Glavine cards is that, unlike the goofy faced Maddux, he has the same deadly serious look on his face whenever he’s pitching.

Check out the close up below. That’s the definition of a deadly serious look.

Maddux Collection: 1996 Collector’s Choice #396

Two things make this more than just a HO-HUM Upper Deck card. First, there’s the look on Maddux’s face. There’s no shortage of cards with a goofy look on his face. Second, there’s the World Series champs logo. I’ll never get tired of seeing that on a Braves card.

Braves Collection: Gene Oliver

1967 Topps
I wonder is a player like Gene Oliver was happy with the Braves move to Atlanta? For one thing, he was from Moline so being in Milwaukee would seem to be a more natural place for him. Additionally, he was a good (not great) major league hitter before the move, but after the move, well, he was NOT.

I keep thinking I need to try and build a set from the 60s. I always lean towards the 1964 set, but I gotta say, the more I see of the 1967, the more I like it.

Braves Collection: Jung Bong Redux

The return of Mr. Bong. I first featured Mr. Bong in this post, but I decided to replace that card in my Atlanta Braves binder with this one (thanks Derek), because it doesn’t, you know, feature some irrelevant Astro never-was. No, I prefer my cards only feature an Atlanta Brave never-was. (The usage of the English language in this post is brought to you by 8 years of schooling in Columbus, Georgia.)

Braves Collection: 1964 Topps Giant Warren Spahn

A few years ago, I picked up my father-in-law the Mickey Mantle from the 1964 Topps Giant set as a Christmas present. For a while afterwards, I thought about picking up a few cards from the set. Those thoughts went by the wayside.

Back in February, at the FCB National Card Show, this one guy had a three dollar table. Late in the day, it became a two dollar table. He had this card on the table. What the hell, right? It is, at the moment, the only card I have of Spahn from his playing career, and I like it. I like it a lot.

Braves Collection: Jimmy Kremers

1991 Upper Deck
I assert that Jimmy Kremers, who only hit .110 in his 1990 cup of coffee with the Braves served an important role in the surge the franchise would begin in the 1991 season. How you ask? Easy. He was one of the players traded for Otis Nixon right before opening day 1991.

Thanks to BA Benny for the card.


Maybe I’m ignorant.

Maybe I’m stupid.

Maybe I don’t understand.

Still, I support Jim Riggleman.

Braves Collection: Felipe Alou

1968 Topps
He may fall well short of being a hall of fame player, but Felipe Alou was a major league hitter all the way. He had such an excellent career, but I guess it is inevitable that he will be better known, if not as a manger, then as Moises Dad. 

Do I have a point? Nah.

Check out the box score at this link. Notice the three players in the outfield after Mays, McCovey and Cepeda exited the game. Damn cool.

Braves Collection: Chipper Jones Relic

I don’t really seek out Chipper cards, but I often come across some cool ones. I like this a lot. Too bad the Chipper swatch isn’t from a blue jersey.

Oh wait. There’s another guy on the card. Yeah. He’s pretty darn good, isn’t he? (And he gets a red swatch on a red background.)