Month: July 2011

Smoltz Collection: 1995 Finest #313

This card is going to sit in my Smoltz binder. It may never be touched by human hands again. Why have I left the protective film on the card?
I love that they’ve highlighted Smoltz’s 10-1 record down the stretch in 1991. He was truly amazing during the pennant race. In one of those stories that people seem to forget, Smoltz needed the help of a shrink to get over an awful first half and dominate the second. The shrink even had a seat behind home plate on days when Smoltzie would pitch. I’m not poking fun. It worked. What do you think, does the shrink get the credit he deserves for the role he played in Smoltz’s career? (Yes, I am too damn lazy to look up the shrink’s name.)

Maddux Collection: 2008 Bowman Chrome #124

Wow. The white chrome cards from 2008 really POP on my scanner. Hey Greg, when you’re posing, it’s OK to smile.
I like the resume, skills and evolution sections, but there’s clearly room for a few more stats on the back. Why include Complete Games? On most cards, the number is just going to be zero. Wouldn’t WHIP make more sense?

Braves Collection: Terrell Wade

Wade would make 59 appearances with the Braves from 1995 to 1997. He was primarily a “long man” out of the bullpen but would get the occasional spot start. That might not seem like much of a career, but I bet he loves baseball.

After all, despite pitching just 4 innings for the Braves in 1995, and not making the post season roster, he got a World Series ring.

In 1996, he would spend most of the year in Atlanta and would pitch in the NLCS and the World Series.

After leaving the Braves for Tampa in the expansion draft in late 1997, Wade would spend years in the minors before hanging up his spikes in 2000. He would return and play independent ball for parts of the 2003, 2004 and 2006 seasons.

Sounds like a cool career to me.

Thanks to Derek at Tomahawk Chopping for the card!

Maddux Collection: 1993 Upper Deck #535

Man, Upper Deck could sure pick a photograph. 1993 was a different year for Upper Deck. There were a lot of similarities between their first four sets, and this was the first one to really look different. Truth be told, I like the set, but it looks more ordinary than the earlier years. Every time I see a card from the set, my first though is Donruss. I can’t say why though. That’s just what I see.

Braves Collection: Roberto Kelly

Remember this guy? Me too.

Remember anything he did as a Brave? Not me either.

Was he the lead off hitter between Otis and Grissom?

Thanks to Derek for the card!

Braves Collection: Reid Gorecki

Does anyone know of Gorecki is still playing in the Yankees minor league system? I like the guy a lot. He played well in the Braves minor league system in both 2008 and 2009 earning himself a cup of coffee in 2009. He signed with the Yankees and spent the 2010 season in their system.

I know … I could look it up myself but I’m much too damn lazy to do that.

Thanks, again, to Derek at Tomahawk Chopping for this card.

Glavine Collection: 2005 Topps Total #125

This is the set that got me back into card collecting.  Naturally, Topps dumped it from their schedule immediately. After all, why make a nice set devoted to most of the players on each team’s roster when you can make more, dull, boring, expensive high end products where you get a chance to pull Felix Pie’s auto?
I will never forgive Upper Deck for moving the industry away from cardboard. Topps Total may have been printed on white stock, but it was still cardboard!!!

Glavine Collection: 2001 Upper Deck #372

A lefty about to bring his arm toward the plate? A deadly serious look on his face? A tomahawk across his chest? Must be Tom Glavine.

Full bleed picture? Colors that pop? Understated but classy card design? Must be Upper Deck.

Braves Collection: Quilvio Veras

One of the forgotten players of the Braves run of 14 straight division championships. Well, I forgot him anyway. He was actually pretty great that first season with the Braves. The second year? Not so much. The Braves would cut him … the Red Sox sign him … and he would never be heard from again.

Thanks to Derek at Tomahawk Chopping for the card.