Month: December 2011

Set Collection: 1971 Topps

I’ve also added a few 1971 Topps High Numbers to my collection recently. (Of course, they weren’t short prints!) I’ve a long way to go to finish this set.

Set Collection: 1976 Topps Traded

My 1976 set was completed some time ago, but I only had four of the Traded cards. My mother got me the set for Christmas, making this the 5th set I’ve completed in the past two weeks. This set features Topps airbrushing at its absolute worst.

Set Collection: 1977 Topps (109 to Go!!!!)

Through Check Out My Cards, and Through eBay, I picked up 40 cards I needed for my 1977 set which leaves me 109 cards short of completing the set. I’ll get that done early in 2012. Here are the cards I picked up. These are nothing special, but each puts me closer to the goal!

Set Collection: 1978 Topps

Last month, there was a card show over in Norcross, GA. I headed over with the intention of buying a few newer wax boxes and picking up a vintage Stan Musial. I also brought along my wishlist for 1975 and 1978 Topps. I was going through the new boxes on one of the tables, and it occurred to me that almost every new box I break leaves me disappointed. Instead, I set down at one of the tables with binders from seemingly every year and just started pulling cards from my wishlists. I walked out of there only 3 cards short of the 1978 set. Here are the cards I picked up at the show.

A few weeks later, I grabbed two of the remaining cards on eBay.

Now, thanks to Check Out My Cards, I have the last card I needed to complete this set.

I think I’m much happier with these cards (and the 1975s to come) than I would have been with yet another box of Finest or Chrome, as much as I like those products.

Set Collection: 1980 Topps Superstar 5×7 Photos

It’s been a long journey to complete this set. I had a number of cards from the set that I would have gotten in wax packs back in the day. My Father in Law picked up a few for me that he found at a Flea Market the year before last which rekindled my interest. I then bought a box on eBay and ended up a card short. I picked up the card off of eBay last week. Here’s the card that completed yet another set!

Set Collection: 1982 Topps

Using my credit at Check Out My Cards, I also picked up the cards I needed to complete my 1982 Topps set. Back in the day, I never really came close to completing this set. In fact, I bought as many packs of 82 Donruss as I did Topps. Since I got back into collecting, I’ve slowly brought this set to near completion thanks to a number of trades. Like the 1985 set, I was lacking some pretty good baseball players. Four guys in the Hall of Fame and one who sure as hell belongs there. Unlike with the players I was missing from 1985, I like four of these players a lot, with only Yaz leaving me cold. (I rode on a plane with Rod Carew once a few years ago. He rates behind Bob Newhart and Stevie Wonder, and ahead of Little Richard and many of the WCW wrestlers for the coolest people I’ve seen on airplanes.)

Set Collection: 1985 Topps

I’m on an end of year set completion binge. In the past two weeks, I’ve managed to complete six different sets (and make significant dents in two others). The first of these is 1985 Topps where I only needed two cards. They were, unfortunately, good ones so I kept putting off buying the cards. Well, I had a decent amount of credit in my Check Out My Cards account so I bought a bunch of cards including the two below.

These are two of my least favorite players of all time, but they were certainly damn good ones. (Seeing Clemens Topps rookie card reminds me of a fateful decision I made years ago. I was in a card shop in late 1984 and had the choice of purchasing 1984 Topps Traded or 1984 Fleer Update. I chose the Topps set. Big mistake since 84 Fleer Update had both Clemens and Kirby Puckett.)

I’m utterly certain I had both of these cards at one time, but cards have come and gone from my collection over the years. I have, at various points of time, sorted all of my cards by team. Ugh. Anyway. I can finally mark this set complete!

Still Posting At Talking Chop

Hi all!

Yes, I’m still lazy. However, I have been posting every Sunday over at Talking Chop for a feature called Braves Cardboard Sundays. Unlike here where, let’s be honest, I usually just post a picture and make a smart-ass comment or two, I put some effort into my writing. Of course, my stuff pales in comparison to the rest of the staff over there. Talking Chop is aces and should be a daily read for every Braves fan.

Now I’m rambling. So be it.

Anyway, here are my last seven posts for Talking Chop. Check them out, and then click around the site for awhile.

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Peace. Out.

It’s Mine! All Mine!

I don’t have the words to describe just how happy I am that I finally own this card. Every Braves or Yankees or baseball fan should get one of these.

Lou Whitaker

Wait, he’s not on the ballot anymore? Absurd.