Looking for 2012 Topps Series One Want Lists

I’ve got a stack of about 200 Series One base cards. I’ve already bought the set, so I’m eager to help fill some want lists. If you’ve got one online, post a link in the comments. If you’d prefer, you can just put your want list in the comments. You can email me your want lists at chris.mays@elocinsoft.com. I;m not looking for or expecting anything in return. I just don’t want the cards cluttering up my house!

4 Responses to “Looking for 2012 Topps Series One Want Lists”

  1. Pretty much the exact same post I wrote. A post this week will contain, who wants a box of free cards.

    I'm not hanging onto crap I don't need anymore.

    I like opening packs, but hope someone else likes keeping thousands of cards on hand.

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