Month: September 2012

Need Your Help!!!!

Help!!!! I was wondering if some of you could put nine Chipper Jones cards in a sheet, scan them, and send them to me at The higher the resolution the better. Multiple pages would be great as well. I’d like to use them for a post this Sunday on Talking Chop and I’ll post them here as well. Please help! Thanks.

Relic Collection: Dale Murphy

Now, there’s the Braves classic (or rather classically bad) powder blue uniform. I never did care for them, but when I think back to the great Murph and Bob Horner and Knucksie, that’s the uniform I picture them in. 

Relic Collection: Brian McCann (x4)

Not much to say here. These McCann relics were picked up from a Thorzul group break. Despite his disappointing 2012, probably due to a shoulder injury, McCann remains a personal favorite.

Sadly, I don’t see a future for him in Atlanta beyond next season. I expect the Braves to pick up his option year for the 2013 season, but I don’t see them signing him long term after that. There are already questions about how well his body is holding up to the rigors of catching everyday in MLB.

I think he’d be more valuable in the AL where he can split catching and DH duties. It makes me sad to think of Mac in another uniform, but I think it’s probably best for him and the Braves long term, especially is Christian Bethancourt is ready.

Relic Collection: Dale Murphy

Upper Deck claims that the piece of wood embedded in this card is from a legit Dale Murphy game used bat. Whether that is true or not, there’s one aspect of this card I like. Most bat relics are just a boring piece of useless wood. The branded Atlanta logo is nice.

(I had to edit the above to correct a really stupid grammatical error. In my defense, I was educated in Columbus, Georgia.)

Smoltz Collection: 2006 Upper Deck Game Materials Relic

I’ve probably added more Smoltz cards to my collection from Thorzul’s group breaks than through any other method. This is a dull card, but you know what, I want every Smoltz card I don’t already have, and I don’t already have this one. Thanks Thorzul!

Heyward Collection: 2011 Topps Tier One Auto #OR-JH

I really like the 2011 Tier One autos, even if the color of the right border reminds me a bit too much of 1992 Fleer. His signature is getting shorter and smaller, but adding the 22 helps a lot! (I’ve got a few more of these J-Hey signatures tricking in.)

Pulled a Nice One!

I’m pretty much done buying new unopened cards, but I don’t mind dropping a few bucks here and there for a pack. Last week, I paid a visit to my Local Card Shop to get a few top loaders and penny sleeves and decided to buy a pack of Gypsy Queen, which was marked down to two bucks. Do you think I’ll make my money back? Anyone want to trade a 1973 Schmidt for it? (Yeah, I know. I won’t get THAT much for it.)

Before my family moved to Georgia and I became a Braves fan, my two favorite teams were the Expos and the Phillies. Schmidt was always near the top of my personal favorites. One of the all-time great power hitters and pretty nifty with the glove as well. He was the best player ever to play third base. (The second best is just now finishing up his last season.)

Relic Collection: Dale Murphy

I don’t own nearly enough Dale Murphy cards. Down the road, that’s something I’ll need to address. The Braves announcing is largely abysmal now. Chip Caray is simply awful and Joe Simpson seems to want to step into the late Skip Caray’s shoes and play the role of the crank, but he just comes off like a blithering idiot. When Murph is in the booth, or Glavine for that matter, they are both on their best behavior and seem to want to be a little bit better.

Murphy was pretty much the only reason to watch Braves baseball in the late 80s, and he’s making it more enjoyable now.

Autograph Collection: Jon Gilmore

Gilmore is currently a farmhand of the White Sox and is a former first round draft pick of the Braves. I’m not holding my breath for him to make his MLB debut, but you never know. He isn’t exactly tearing up the Southern League with Birmingham. Hey, at least he’s made it as far as Michael Jordan made it through the White Sox system.