Month: October 2012

Heyward Collection: 2012 Triple Threads Future Phenoms Auto Relic

I have a few more Heyward autos to post, and then I’m done. This one showed up in the mail yesterday. As a rule, I’m not a huge fan of the die cut message windows in Triple Threads, but at least OF and 22 make sense. I think the red jersey looks great as well. I love the signature on this card. (“ON” the card. No sticker.) Love it. I hope Jason will continue to sign his full name and uniform number. (Maybe he’s doing it as a tribute to Chipper’s signature?)

Cry Little Children!

The idea that there’s a bunch of little five year old Cardinals fans who cried themselves to sleep last night makes me very, very happy.

Hi Y’all

Thanks to Fuji, Steve Drennen and Jack Harner for answering my call for Chipper scans. I’ll post them here soon, but some of them have already been used over at Talking Chop for my weekly post, Braves Cardboard Sundays. If you are a Braves fan and haven’t been to Talking Chop lately, you should really check it out. The new design is simply great and I’m in awe of the people I write beside there. 

Speaking of Braves Cardboard Sundays, I unleashed a rant about 2012 Topps Update Series yesterday. Check it out! (For those wondering, yes, I’m upset about the product. No, I an not obsessively bitter about it. I am, however, reaching the point where I just may say to hell with it and concentrate all my funds on completing my older sets.)