Month: November 2012

Marvin Miller is Dead

I have nothing really to say other than I was an admirer. 

If you want to hear about him from a ballplayer who was there when he first got started with the MLBPA, read Jim Bouton’s Ball Four. If you want to hear about him from a Braves fan or a card collector, read dayf’s take on the man at Cardboard Junkie from a few years ago. Better yet, you should read Miller’s book

The fact that Bowie Kuhn is in the Hall of Fame and Marvin Miller isn’t is simply disgusting. Only one of those two men never did a damn thing for the sport.

I guess I did have something to say.

Smoltz Collection: 2007 Upper Deck Game Materials #UD-JS

Thanks to Derek of Tomahawk Chopping for this AWESOME Smoltzie relic. My Smoltz collection is way behind my Glavine and Maddux collections. I’ll have to put some time into it next year. It shouldn’t be difficult since I don’t see myself buying much new Topps at all next year. 

Mine. All mine.

Yes, that’s a 1953 Bowman Warren Spahn I’m holding. To think, a month and a half ago, I actually thought about buying a box of Five Star. Who needs new Topps cards?

Birthday Present!

What did my in-laws get me for my birthday? How about a 1959 Bob Gibson!!! An awesome card from two awesome people. Thank you Tony and Sheryl!