Card Show Pickup #4: 1952 Braves

The first vintage card I can remember purchasing is a 1950 Bowman of Willard Marshall. I wrote about it one time for Braves Cardboard Sundays on Talking Chop. I used a photograph of another collectors 52 Topps Marshall for that article.

At the show, there was a bargain box with cards from most of Topps vintage years. I wanted to make sure I got at least one Braves card for every year through 1967. This was the 1952 I picked up. Sure, it isn’t the Spahn or the Mathews and the 1952 design is the most overrated ever. It’s still a damn great card, even if the painted photo makes Marshall look like he’s wearing a LOT of makeup.

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  1. Oh good, you passed up on the Max Surkont I needed but put back so I could get the Aaron.
    Maybe it’ll still be there when Roger comes back after the National.
    (probably not)

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