Month: July 2013

The Great Tim Hudson #5

Whenever I see an Upper Deck base card, all I can do is mourn the loss of Upper Deck from the hobby. I hope they put out an unlicensed base card set next year. It certainly won’t be difficult to top the recent gimmick-laden Topps offerings.

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Series 1 #41
2008 Upper Deck Baseball Series 1 #41

The Great Tim Hudson #1

There are a lot of good guys in baseball and there have been a lot of good guys on the Braves over the years. Huddy might very well be the best of the best. Sure, he’s been a top line pitcher for a long time now, but that’s not the only reason Braves fans love the guy. He’s one of those guys that fights, battles and scrapes on the field AND still has fun with the game.

Last night in New York, the Mets Eric Young Jr. was trying to leg out an infield hit. Huddy was covering first and Young managed to bring his full weight down on Hudson’s ankle. (@EYjr is one of the classiest guys in baseball and he was clearly troubled by the role he played in the injury. I hope he shakes it off quickly. It’s just baseball.) Huddy’s ankle turned at an angle it shouldn’t. After the game, an x-ray was taken and a fracture was found. Hudson will return to Atlanta for surgery.

There will be a lot of words written about the impact on the Braves, but I’m not smart enough to write up that type of analysis. All I know is there will be a hole in the Braves dugout. One of our favorites is down. I also have to mention that this is the last year of his contract and that might have been the last game we will see Hudson pitch with a tomahawk across his chest. That’s sad, but at least he pitched a truly great game before he went down.

For the moment though, Tim Hudson is still a Brave and he is still one of our favorites. As a tribute, I’ll be posting a different Tim Hudson card every day from now until the Braves season is over. I’ll be posting Braves and A’s cards. Some are great and some are simply butt ugly. Some days I’ll write something up, but let’s be honest, I’m lazy so most days, I’ll just put up a picture of a card.

So, raise a glass to the great Tim Hudson. Send him your best wishes and your prayers.

And here’s the laziest Tim Hudson tribute possible.

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #13
2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #13

Asked and Received!

A big thanks to Matt Jones! He sent me a 2013 Dale Murphy bobble head in exchange for an extra 2011 Jason Heyward bobble head that was lying around my office. I should have been at the park that night, but I wasn’t.

Thanks Matt!

Wow, It’s the spitting image of Murph. 🙂

Bobblehead Trade

This is for the Braves fans reading this …

Does anyone want to trade me a Dale Murphy bobblehead from Thursday night for a 2011 Jason Heyward bobblehead? If so, shoot me an email!

Heyward Collection: 2013 Topps Museum Auto

Heyward’s signature varies wildly from card to card, but I like where it seems to have settled. In particular, I like that he always includes his uniform number in the J. That said, his signature here is really sloppy. I suppose I can’t expect all of his signatures to be perfect, but I found this one disappointing. Of course, if I had some Topps dweeb sticking sheet after sheet of stickers in my face, I’m sure my signature would get sloppy as well.

The World Against Freddie Freeman!!!!!!!!!

I love Freddie Freeman, but there’s a small part of me that hopes he loses to Puig in the voting just so all the Braves fans can explode with phony outrage. I have no problem with someone thinking Freeman deserves the All-Star vote more. I do have a problem with those that think Puig doesn’t have a case for the All-Star game. Grow up and get outraged by things that actually matter.

Like how much Topps sucks right now. Yeah, I’m a hypocrite. Bite me.