Month: February 2014

My (Sincere?) Apologies

Aparently, when collectors like me insult a set, we also insult everyone who likes it. I guess we are trying to rob their enjoyment of the hobby or something.

So, I’d like to offer an apology.

I apologize if any comments about a baseball card set or company, from me or others, robbed you of some of your self worth.

I do not apologize for anything I’ve said about stale products from lazy-ass card companies with near monopolies and our slowly dying hobby.

Three Years Later

Almost three years after I sent in the redemption, it’s been filled. Considering the number of jersey relics from both guys that have been made over the years, it is absurd that it took three years to send me this card.

I still have one three year old redemption waiting. I see no reason to rant about the redemptions, because everyone else has covered it well. I’m done buying new products unopened so redemptions won’t be a problem for me any longer.

Still, it amuses me when people blame the players for slow redemptions. Bullshit. If a card manufacturer puts a redemption into a product, it is THEIR job to deliver. Period.

Help!!!! I Need This Card!

2005 Topps Total (along with 2005 Bowman Heritage) is the set that got me back into the hobby. Of course, Topps would cancel Total the very next year. Bastards. None the less, I’m but a single card away from completing the set. I need card #349, which is Scott Spiezio.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t updated my trade bait page, but I have thousands of cards to comb through. If you’ve got this card, I guarantee I’ll be able to find something you need to send your way.

Instead of 2014 Topps Series 1, I bought …

I’m just not impressed with 2014 Topps Series 1. The more I learn about the endless variations and SPs and SSPs and sparkles and parallels, the more depressed I get. Well, since I won’t be opening any 2014 Topps Series 1, I felt the need to get a few cards to cheer me up.

I think it is safe to say that there’s not a single baseball card that will be released this year that will compare with any of these. All four great, even though they don’t have purple, or pink versions. All four great without little star sparkles on them.

I should also say, that although I’m not a fan of Series 1, the Jason Heyward card is all kinds of awesome. Topps still knows how to make a baseball card, they just don’t have any faith in the best cards in their product.