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2003 Topps Vinny Castilla 601 - Braves Card of the Day ⚾

Remember the off-season between the 2001 and 2002 seasons when the Braves signed young free agent outfielder Johnny Damon to man left field for the next four seasons? No? Bad things happen when the Braves go cheap.

The Braves chose to sign Castilla, the stud of Coors Field and nowhere else, as a cheap third base option and moved the team’s best player, Chipper Jones, to left field. Castilla was thoroughly awful the first year and perfectly eh the second. Chipper may not have been a great defensive third baseman, but he was awful in the outfield.

I liked Castilla. I hated when the Braves lost him to the Rockies in the expansion draft. The pop was legit. He had, however, a track record. After a number of great years in Denver, he did not play well for the Rays and he did not play well for the Astros. He was exactly as he appeared, but Time Warner had started cheaping out on acquisitions, so the Braves didn’t go after Damon. They moved the former MVP to left to make room for a has been.


2003 Topps Castilla 601a

2003 Topps Castilla 601b