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1998 Topps Mark Lemke 36 - Braves Card of the Day ⚾

So, I’m about to have something in common with Mark Lemke. There are a few things we already have in common. We’re both kind of homely looking. Neither of us have ever received a vote for National League MVP. Soon, just like the Lemmer, I will be single.

Yes, my wife of 15 years, together for 17, returned from her cruise with her Mom and my daughter to tell me straight up that she was leaving me. She loves me but she’s not in love with me. There’s nothing I did wrong. Yes, I got “It’s not you, it’s me” from my own wife. And yes, my future ex-wife looks at love like a forlorn 13 year old. And yes, there’s someone else. But that’s not the reason she’s leaving! Of course that isn’t the reason, and how dare I suggest otherwise. Just because she has someone else lined up, ready to go, is meaningless.

1998 Topps Lemke 36a

The past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions. I’ve been a raw nerve. Frankly, I’ve been pretty fucking mean to her. For that, there are no apologies. She has made a decision that means the first thing I won’t see every single day is the smile on my four year old daughter’s face. I’m going to lose my pets. I don’t get how I move on from that. Frankly, some of her actions to me have been pretty cruel and I feel like I get to respond however I choose.

Except, I don’t get to keep being mean to her. No matter how pissed off I am that my wife would rather runaway than confront our problems head on, we have a four year old daughter to worry about. She is now the only thing in my life that has any meaning. Every memory of the past 17 years might be worthless, but I have so many amazing ones from the last four. I’m going to work with my soon to be ex to shield my daughter as much as possible from the negative ramifications of her Mom’s actions.

So, now we start the process of taking apart what took 17 years to build. I’m under pressure from her to get it going quick so that she and “her” daughter can have some stability. (Funny, considering she’s the one who caused the instability.) This is not going to be fun.

So Lemmer, I don’t know if you ever plan on getting married. Despite what we have in common, if you do get married, you’ll need to look somewhere else for marital advice. It would appear I’m no good at it.

1998 Topps Lemke 36b