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1984 Topps Rafael Ramirez - Braves Card of the Day ⚾

Rafael Ramirez was the shortstop with the big butt and the goofy smile who manned the middle of the infield for the Braves of the early 80s. I have no desire to look at the numbers because I do not want to be disabused of the notion that he and Glenn Hubbard are the single greatest double play combination in the history of the franchise.

Man, Raffy could be counted on to make highlight plays deep in the hole, and boot a number of balls hit right at him. He was a blast to watch play.

How in the world did he finish 16th in NL MVP voting in 1983? How in the world did he ever get a single MVP vote? Old baseball is weird. Love you Raffy, but MVP? Nah.

1984 Topps Ramirez 234a

1984 Topps Ramirez 234b