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Autograph Collection: Brandon Beachy and Julio Teheran

Tons of commenters over on DOB’s blog and at Talking Chop have decided that Teheran is already a failure. I don’t buy it. The kid is 21. I’d love to see these two at the top of the Braves rotation in two or three years.

Autograph Collection: Brandon Beachy

And my parade of autographs featuring the Braves fallen starting pitcher continues. If Beachy is still around, do the Braves pull the trigger on the Dempster deal?

Autograph Collection: Brandon Beachy

I cried when he was injured. I literally cried. It was a little pathetic to be honest. I think I might care about baseball just a little too much.

That might also explain why I’m pissed off at Dempster. Hell, I think the Braves are better off keeping Delgado, but what a jackass. Doesn’t want to play for the Braves? Fine. The last thing Atlanta needs is a 35 year old pitcher in the midst of a career year. That screams FLUKE, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t give up a pitcher of Delgado’s talent for two months of Dempster.