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Relic Collection: Brian McCann (x4)

Not much to say here. These McCann relics were picked up from a Thorzul group break. Despite his disappointing 2012, probably due to a shoulder injury, McCann remains a personal favorite.

Sadly, I don’t see a future for him in Atlanta beyond next season. I expect the Braves to pick up his option year for the 2013 season, but I don’t see them signing him long term after that. There are already questions about how well his body is holding up to the rigors of catching everyday in MLB.

I think he’d be more valuable in the AL where he can split catching and DH duties. It makes me sad to think of Mac in another uniform, but I think it’s probably best for him and the Braves long term, especially is Christian Bethancourt is ready.

Relic Collection: Brain McCann

I have nothing to say about this card, except that I like that includes a swatch from the road blues. I’m posting three more A&G relics over the next three days, and they each look the same.

Two Types of Baseball Fans

There are two types of baseball fans:

  1. Those that vote for Brian McCann to start as the catcher for the NL in the All Star game.
  2. Those that are truly, deeply stupid.

Whoa. Cool. Excellent.

So, I purchased a complete set of 2010 Topps Update on eBay (since I didn’t want to waste money on a box), but the set won’t be delivered for another few days. I was in Target last night and decided to go ahead and buy 2 packs for the heck of it. Well, I also picked up one of those rack packs of Bowman Chrome with three packs and the special green refractors, but those yielded nothing of interest to me. On the other hand, the Update packs came through for me with three cards of three of my favorite players who are, of course, Atlanta Braves.

The best utility man in the National League. A first rate player and a first rate teammate. Only the most hardened, pathetic, and cynical fan wasn’t happy for him when Charlie Manuel named him to the All-Star team. He may have slowed down at the end of the season, but the Braves wouldn’t have even been within sniffing distance of the post-season without him.
OK. Yeah. Maybe Buster Posey will be the Rookie of the Year. Heck, maybe he even deserves it. Honestly though, would you rather have him on your team long term or this guy? A healthy Heyward is going to set the NL on fire next year. (One request though Jason, can you stop with the stupid head first slides? Is there anyone left other than players who think head first slides are a good idea? While you’re at it, get Prado to stop with them as well.)
This is the best catcher in National League. This is the man who won the MVP of the All Star game. This is the man who should have damn well been starting at catcher in the last five All Star games. Anyone who votes for Molina over Mac is stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. 

Autograph Collection: Brian McCann

How can you have the kind of career this guy is having, and have it happen quietly? Yes, there is a better catcher in baseball than Brian McCann. There is exactly one better catcher, Joe Mauer. Every other catcher, including Russ Martin and certainly including Yadier Molina is inferior.

How good is Brian McCann? Well check out this article where they make the case that McCann is on his way to a Hall-Of-Fame career. Their reasoning? At this point in his career, McCann is better than all Hall-Of-Fame catchers except Johnny Bench and Gary Carter. Yes, even better than Yogi Berra. (Well, if you accept Wins Above Replacement as the ultimate stat for this comparison. I have no problem with it, especially since it makes Mac look so good!)

Ponder that next time you have an All Star ballot in front of you.

The 2009 All-Star Game

Brian McCann, originally uploaded by Keith Allison.

I love the introduction of the players.

I love moments like Stan Musial presenting the ball to President Obama at the beginning of the game.

It was great seeing Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith, Bruce Sutter and especially Red Schoendienst as well.

Still, I hated the 2009 All-Star game.

I hate Joe Buck. His Dad, Jack Buck, was the epitome of great announcing. Joe is a pompous hack who doesn’t deserve his father’s name.

I hate Tim McCarver. Sure, he was a good catcher but he’s every bit as pompous as Joe Buck. His determination to show he’s the smartest color man in all of baseball is embarrassing. Seriously, I’d rather listen to Joe Morgan. I loved it when Prime Time dumper water all over him.

I hate the stupid rule where the team that wins gets home field advantage in the World Series. What a load of crap. Alternating years between the two leagues was fair. If they were to base it on the team’s records, that would be fair. To base it on the result of a stupid exhibition game makes no sense at all.

I hate Bud Selig. He was an awful owner for the Brewers and he’s even worse as commissioner. Maybe the worse ever. Worse than Bowie Kuhn? Perhaps. Worse than Ford “Asterisk” Frick? Yes. Worse than that crook Uberroth? I think so. If you wanted to give baseball an enema, you would need to cram the hose right down Selig’s mouth.

I hate the stupid fans who vote for stupid ass players to start in the game. How in the blue hell did Josh Hamilton get to start this year’s All-Star game? “Oh he’s been through so much.” Yeah, so? He’s been out much of this season and hasn’t been that great when he’s in the game. “He’s such a good Christian.” I’m not sure I could possibly care less about his religion. Big freaking deal. Give me an atheist performing up to expectations any day of the week.

I hate the fact that Brian McCann has been on four All-Star teams now and has yet to be voted to start the game. There is ONE … that is there is EXACTLY ONE catcher in all of baseball who is in McCann’s league: Joe Mauer, obviously. Yes, McCann is that good. You can take your Russell Martin, and your Geovany Soto and your Yadier Molina and shove them where the sun don’t shine. They are good players. McCann is a great player.