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We Have a Winner

Congratulations to the Collective Troll who wins the Curt Flood book. I’ve emailed you and I will get the book and the cards in the mail to you as soon as I get your address.

A big thanks to all my new followers. Feel free to ignore me!!!!!

(And Troll, I would apologize for the quality of the cards you “won”, but I’m so damn happy that I won’t have to look at them anymore, I can’t bring myself to say I’m sorry.)

Yet Another Contest Reminder

In case you didn’t notice, I’m running a contest. If you’re interested in winning an excellent biography about Curt Flood, a Greg Maddux card with no value, a Tom Glavine card with no value, a John Smoltz card with no value, and a stack of utterly pointless cards, see this post. It just may be the worst contest in the card blogging world so far!

Contest: Win a Book!!!!

Would you like to win the book pictured above? Here’s how! Just “Follow” this blog and you’ll get your chance. Additionally, if you have a blog and post a link to the contest (and leave a comment below), I’ll enter you again. I’ll compile the entries on January 30th, run them through the randomizer, and drop the book in the mail on the 31st.

In addition to the book, I will also drop a totally worthless card for each of this blog’s namesakes into the package, along with a smattering of other worthless cards that I want to get out of my house.

Sure, this pales in comparison to all the other contests out there, but it isn’t THAT bad. You get a biography of one of he most important figures in baseball history and some worthless cards. Who wouldn’t want that?