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I never really cared for eTopps, but I was sitting on some credit and I bought exactly three cards a few years ago. A few days ago, for reasons that escape me, I went ahead and got two of them delivered and put the third one up on eBay.

Maddux Collection: 2008 Bowman Chrome #124

Wow. The white chrome cards from 2008 really POP on my scanner. Hey Greg, when you’re posing, it’s OK to smile.
I like the resume, skills and evolution sections, but there’s clearly room for a few more stats on the back. Why include Complete Games? On most cards, the number is just going to be zero. Wouldn’t WHIP make more sense?

Maddux Collection: 1993 Upper Deck #535

Man, Upper Deck could sure pick a photograph. 1993 was a different year for Upper Deck. There were a lot of similarities between their first four sets, and this was the first one to really look different. Truth be told, I like the set, but it looks more ordinary than the earlier years. Every time I see a card from the set, my first though is Donruss. I can’t say why though. That’s just what I see.

Maddux Collection: 1990 Donruss #158

Oh no. 1990 Donruss. Red borders? No, no, no. Speckles? No, no, no. Just a bad set. Every bit as bad as 1988 Donruss. That was also a bad set. I love 82, 83, 84, 85, 87, and 89. 1981 was at least new and unique. 1986 was dull, 1988 was a bit worse, and 1990 was just bad. Bad, bad, bad.

Maddux Collection: 1993 Topps Stadium Club #2

I love Stadium Club, but the back of this card is just awful. I like the pic on the back, and even the little shot of his rookie card, but there are just too many design elements. It’s just a mess. The stats border on the useless. Yes, Greg was awesome in July. So? He was awesome the whole damn year. He’s Greg Maddux.

Maddux Collection: 1996 Collector’s Choice #754

You’ve got to love the look on his face. Who picked this photo? Is this a rib on Maddux? I gotta say, it makes what would otherwise be a fairly ordinary card spectacular.
Not that it really matters, but Tom Glavine is on this checklist. Wow! What an awesome occurrence! Or whatever. I may just be typing to type. Who knows.

Maddux Collection: 2008 Topps Co-Signers #028

It’s really hard for me to picture anyone getting excited about this product. I really never understood the point of it all.
Here you can see one of Topps big plans to save money put into action. Instead of printing the team name next to every year in the stats, they used an asterisk when it was the same team. This change led to record profits in 2008 making Michael Eisner a very happy man.

Maddux Collection: 2009 Topps Heritage #62

This card always strikes me as weird. The coloring on the card suggests this is a San Diego Padres card. The Dodgers logo and the Dodgers photo just don’t look right on this card. Come to think of it, they never look right on a Maddux card. 

Maddux Collection: 1996 Collector’s Choice #396

Two things make this more than just a HO-HUM Upper Deck card. First, there’s the look on Maddux’s face. There’s no shortage of cards with a goofy look on his face. Second, there’s the World Series champs logo. I’ll never get tired of seeing that on a Braves card.