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I never really cared for eTopps, but I was sitting on some credit and I bought exactly three cards a few years ago. A few days ago, for reasons that escape me, I went ahead and got two of them delivered and put the third one up on eBay.

Heyward Collection: 2012 Triple Threads Future Phenoms Auto Relic

I have a few more Heyward autos to post, and then I’m done. This one showed up in the mail yesterday. As a rule, I’m not a huge fan of the die cut message windows in Triple Threads, but at least OF and 22 make sense. I think the red jersey looks great as well. I love the signature on this card. (“ON” the card. No sticker.) Love it. I hope Jason will continue to sign his full name and uniform number. (Maybe he’s doing it as a tribute to Chipper’s signature?)

Heyward Collection: 2011 Topps Tier One Auto #OR-JH

I really like the 2011 Tier One autos, even if the color of the right border reminds me a bit too much of 1992 Fleer. His signature is getting shorter and smaller, but adding the 22 helps a lot! (I’ve got a few more of these J-Hey signatures tricking in.)

Heyward Collection: 2011 Topps Triple Threads Auto Relic #TTUAR-6

I’m not a fan of Triple Threads as a whole. I bought a box back in 2006 and it was the biggest waste of time and money I’ve ever spent. That said, I did enjoy the auto relics from the 2011 set. I have the Martin Prado already, thanks to Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping. I knew I had to grab this one eventually.

J-Hey, that signature is less than expressive.

Heyward Collection: 2011 Topps Triple Threads Future Phenoms Auto Relic #122

I have mixed feelings about Triple Threads. I think the stupid little message windows cut out over the relic are ugly and more often than not, rather stupid. Yet, when I look at this card, I just like it. Why? Heyward I guess. I like that he included his uniform number in the signature. Not a bad card at all.

Heyward Collection: 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Autograph #AGA-JHWE

We are starting to get near the end of my Heyward autographs … or … at least the one’s I’ve acquired so far. I love the mini A&G autos, but I think the card would look better without the frame. The bright orange frame doesn’t do a thing for me. Of course, with the frame, it’s a lot easier to find a protector to slip the card in. 

Heyward Collection: 2008 Bowman Chrome Auto #BCP121

I knew I had to pull the trigger and buy this card eventually. It certainly isn’t getting any cheaper. Plus, as Scott Coleman of SB Nation pointed out on Twitter yesterday, Heyward is now within .2 of the lead in WAR for the NL this season. Makes you wonder where he’s be if Fredi hadn’t banished him to the seven spot in the lineup for so long.

A Love Letter

Yesterday, over at Talking Chop, I posted what basically amounts to a love letter to Jason Heyward. No apologies: he’s my favorite baseball player and he is also one of the best players in all of baseball. There’s talk that the kid is overrated, but that comes from people who don’t really understand baseball. There are a number of better offensive players, but there are very few people who do as many things well as he does.

Derek said it sounds like I might be changing the name of the blog … maybe I will!

Heyward Collection: 2012 Topps Tier One Auto Patch

Here’s my latest Heyward acquisition. I love the patch, but the photo could use some work. Get rid of the sticker too. This could have been a super beautiful card, instead, it’s just moderately gorgeous.

Heyward Collection: 2012 Topps Golden Moments Autograph

My fellow fans of the Atlanta Braves, your eyes do not deceive you. That Jason Heyward autographed card is numbered to 10. That makes up for it being a sticker autograph. I do wish that Heyward was a bit more … uh … expressive with his signature.