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Autograph Collection: Julio Teheran

Have I mentioned that I keep picking up cheap Julio Teheran autos? Well, I do. If you have any you want to get rid of, just let me know. Wait. I’ve already made that offer as well? You’d think I would put more time and effort into these posts wouldn’t you?

Sorry. I spend all my energy writing here.

Autograph Collection: Julio Teheran

I continue to pick up cheap Julio Tehetan autos off of eBay. The prices continue to go down. When this season proves to be a hiccup, and he becomes an elite Major League starter, I will be around to tell you all I TOLD YOU SO.

Autograph Collection: Julio Teheran

Yes, I am too lazy to move the card into a holder without tape on it right now.

If you have any Julio Teheran cards you want to move cheap because you’ve given up on the kid, feel free to send an offer my way. I could give you a box of about a thousand 1982 Fleer cards for a nice stack of Teheran cards. Just email me. Link on the right side.

Autograph Collection: Brandon Beachy and Julio Teheran

Tons of commenters over on DOB’s blog and at Talking Chop have decided that Teheran is already a failure. I don’t buy it. The kid is 21. I’d love to see these two at the top of the Braves rotation in two or three years.

Surprise Purchase: Julio Teheran

I’ve never been much for prospecting. The items that I collect tend to be very specific and I rarely sell cards anyway. I mean, it takes up enough time just building my collection without trying to turn a profit. That said, this year, I decided that I would start a little “prospecting project”. All I needed was a player.

As a Braves fan, the player was easy. I needed a guy who has superstar potential, but wasn’t going to be in the big leagues until late-2011 at the earliest. Realistically, this guy won’t be wearing an Atlanta uniform until 2012, but you never know. Julio Teheran is the real deal and his arrival in Atlanta will no doubt be trumpeted the same way Jason Heyward’s has been.

Still, prospecting is a risk, especially where a pitcher is concerned. That hasn’t stopped me. I’ve been buying up Teheran cards all year. Will I make a killing on them? Yeah. Right. Still, it’s been fun. It was certainly nice to add 7 2009 Bowman cards and 5 2009 Bowman Chrome cards to my burgeoning “project”. Wish me luck.