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Relic Collection: Martin Prado

Martin Prado personally created this relic card. He cut the swatch, designed the card, placed it in the frame and packed it out. He’s very talented.

Braves fans will get that. 

Autograph Collection: Martin Prado

Yesterday, I established that I thought Triple Threads sucks. I really don’t even consider it a matter of opinion. That said, unlike the big three triple relic from yesterday, I think this card is rather attractive. If the autograph were on card, it might even be perfect.

I really, really, really hope Martin Prado is wearing a Braves uniform again this season. I don’t know that the Braves would be better off with or without him in left field. I suppose it depends upon who they get in a trade. I know that, as a fan, I’d rather have him out there and let the chips fall where they may.

Happiness is …

… purchasing a single rack pack of 2011 Bowman and getting the four cards below.

Would I have rather had a Bryce Harper? Well, yes, because I could turn that over on eBay and get even more cards like the ones above.

Authograph Collection: Martin Prado

I think its safe to sat at this point that Martin Prado is my favorite Brave. He plays with a fire and a passion that I think this team has missed for a long time, and I’m going back into the run of division championships here. People will think I’m borderline insane here, but he reminds me a lot of Terry Pendleton during the 91 and 92 seasons. He’s a hitting machine and more importantly, he’s a VOCAL leader who will do whatever it takes to fire up his teammates.

Perhaps the ultimate compliment to Prado came from Brian McCann who said that he has played with Prado at every level of the minors and in the majors, and he’s been the best player on every team.

Keep it up Martin … I don’t think this team can do it without you.