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Can Anyone Help With These Questions?

  1. I was out of the game for most of 2009. I spent a good portion of the year either out of work or billing substantially less than 40 hours a week. As you can imagine, I didn’t spend a lot on cards during the year. I’ve been looking for a cheap way to complete the Topps Series 1, 2 and Update sets. Here’s my question: why do all the major retailers still have so few boxes of 2009 Topps base products? Was there some story that caused the product to fly off the shelf that I either missed or forgot?
  2. Can anyone recommend a good vendor, an eBay seller is fine, where I can find numerous 1971 – 1973 Topps high number cards .. for prices that border on cheap? I’m not really concerned about condition .. in fact .. I would prefer the cards be in the Good – VG range rather than Ex Mt. Is this a pipe dream?
  3. What do most of you do with the myriad meaningless autographs you pull out of products like Bowman? I’m not talking about the major league prospects or even the guys who become AAAA players bouncing up and down from MLB to AAA, but rather the guys who never make it out of single A ball for a team you don’t even remotely care about?
  4. Is there any shame in throwing cards you don’t want into the garbage? Is there any other way for me to get rid of a stack of 1981 Topps Bob Owchinko cards?