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Redemption: More Than I Expected

I posted a few months ago about a surprise purchase I made at my LCS. In one of the boxes were three expired 2009 Topps Finest redemption cards. I decided to send them in anyway thinking that maybe, just maybe, Topps would have something lying around and might send it out to make this customer happy. Well, I got more than I expected. Here’s what was waiting for me in the mailbox.

Three of the following cards were in inside the envelope …

What do I mean by more than expected? I didn’t expect to hear anything. Hey, I’m not complaining. They didn’t owe me anything for these. I was just hoping …

Surprise Purchase: Printing Plate

I found one final hit in the box: a printing plate. Of a player I don’t particularly care for. (I hate every member of the Boston Red Sox by default. Sorry, but I can’t help myself. I’m not sure I’ve liked anyone on the team since Spaceman.)

You want it? Make me an offer.

Surprise Purchase: Finest Braves

I’ve always liked Finest, but I’ve never found the break to justify the price. That makes the inclusion of these cards that much more special. There were several hundred Finest cards in one of the boxes, and these are the Braves.

You may have heard of this guy. He’s the best offensive player in franchise history whose last name isn’t Aaron or Matthews. Anyone care to argue this point with me?
I miss Yunel. Well, I miss the 2009 version anyway.
For most Braves fans, Garrett Anderson was their least favorite ex-Angel on the 2009 team. For me it was Kotchman. If you think about it, in a round about sort of way, the Braves traded Elvis Andrus and Neftali Feliz for Casey Kotchman. Genius.
At no point could I ever possibly have too many Tim Hudson cards. Well, I do have too many Greg Maddux cards. (Does anyone really need 200 1989 Greg Maddux Classic cards?) Huddy didn’t make it to the big leagues until 1999, well after the “junk wax” era, so I say again: at no point could I ever possibly have too many Tim Hudson cards.
I think Mac has missed his chance to ever be voted a starter on the All Star team. Inexplicably, he has lost the vote the last few years, most recently to Yadier Molina, which I can only chalk up as an attempt by AL fans to rob the NL of a chance to win the All Star game. Of course, Mac shoved THAT in their faces. Anyway, I figure Buster Posey is a lock for the foreseeable future as the All Star catcher so Mac will just have to be content with making the team every damn year. (The green parallel is NICE.)

Surprise Purchase: Bowman Braves Prospect 1/1

This is the first 1/1 I’ve ever gotten that wasn’t a crappy printing plate. I was, of course, excited to pull a 1/1 of a Brave. Now, I’m fairly familiar with the Braves minor league prospects and I hadn’t heard of this guy. There’s a reason. He just finished his third year of rookie ball. The good news is that after averaging four walks per nine innings his first two years, he only averaged a singe walk per nine innings this year. Of course, in three years, he’s appeared in 36 games. I get the feeling we won’t see this guy in an Atlanta uniform.
The 1/1 proof.

Surprise Purchase: Julio Teheran

I’ve never been much for prospecting. The items that I collect tend to be very specific and I rarely sell cards anyway. I mean, it takes up enough time just building my collection without trying to turn a profit. That said, this year, I decided that I would start a little “prospecting project”. All I needed was a player.

As a Braves fan, the player was easy. I needed a guy who has superstar potential, but wasn’t going to be in the big leagues until late-2011 at the earliest. Realistically, this guy won’t be wearing an Atlanta uniform until 2012, but you never know. Julio Teheran is the real deal and his arrival in Atlanta will no doubt be trumpeted the same way Jason Heyward’s has been.

Still, prospecting is a risk, especially where a pitcher is concerned. That hasn’t stopped me. I’ve been buying up Teheran cards all year. Will I make a killing on them? Yeah. Right. Still, it’s been fun. It was certainly nice to add 7 2009 Bowman cards and 5 2009 Bowman Chrome cards to my burgeoning “project”. Wish me luck.

Surprise Purchase: Finest Redemptions

Well, these might not qualify as impressive hits. They might have had I acquired the cards, you know, before the DAMN expiration date! I’ll send them in anyway and see if Topps is in a generous mood. (The website redemption process rejected them out of hand.)

This would have netted me a Colby Rasmus. He’s certainly a good looking young ballplayer.
This would have netted me a Nolan Remoild. I don’t know if that’s the right way to spell his name or not. I know he’s an Oriole and if you are an Oriole and your name isn’t Palmer, Ripken, Murray or Robinson, generally speaking, I don’t care about you.

Oh, what could have been. Redemption #10 was an AUTOGRAPHED TOMMY HANSON. Not only that, but this is a redemption for the Gold Refractor. Why couldn’t the kid have sent in the redemptions and placed the cards in the box? Why, oh why? I beg of you Topps, send me that BIG RED CARD!!!!

Surprise Purchase: Bowman Autographs

Well, the boxes had a lot of Bowman cards, which means there were a lot of autographs. The question is this: would they be autographs of anyone I give a hoot about? Did I find anyone whose autograph is worth owning? Let’s see.

Well, I know his brother is in the Braves organization. Or was. I don’t remember. No matter. I know that Kila didn’t exactly set the world on fire for the Royals this year, although he showed a lot of pop towards the end of the season. He was, however, a stud at AAA. The questions now is this: is he a big league player of a AAAA player? Time will tell.

Wow. This guy moved right through the minors without problem, but hit a bumpy road in AAA this year, where he posted an ERA almost two runs higher than his previous high. Still, he was great down the stretch for Memphis and may end up filling the 5th starter slot for St. Louis at some point next year, although he should start the season again in Memphis. 

A former first round pick who has yet to hit above .223 in the minors. I’m not holding my breath for his big Phillie debut.

Played well in high A this year, and got called up to AA where he struggled, but was far from awful. He really isn’t considered a prospect. 

He’s a Padre now and has seen action in 50+ games this year where he’s proven to be a solid big league player. Nothing jumps out at you, but not bad at all.

He’s bounced around the minors for years. (He was originally drafted in 2001.)  He had a cup of coffee with the Angels in 2007. He had some pop, but it must have desserted him. Why is this guy in the set as an auto?

A lot of the people who follow the Royals like this kid a lot and he had a strong second half. 

Surprise Purchase: Fake Patch Autographs

So, how’d I make out on the Finest fake patch autographs? Let’s see …

Unimpressive. I’m assuming he was injured most of this season since he only played a single game in Rookie ball. He was once a Top 50 Baseball America prospect, but no more.

A September call-up for the Yankees who I don’t think anyone sees as a big time, big league player. He’s been up three straight Septembers for three different teams.

Now we’re talking. The man with the MONSTER clothesline. The man who’s the best rookie in the National League not named Heyward or Posey. I hate the fish. Hate, hate, hate the fish. However, how can you not like a guy who can throw a clothesline like the one he hit Morgan with? Not a bad card at all, unless, you’re of the opinion that all fake patches suck. In that case, this one would just suck less than the other two.