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Still Posting At Talking Chop

Hi all!

Yes, I’m still lazy. However, I have been posting every Sunday over at Talking Chop for a feature called Braves Cardboard Sundays. Unlike here where, let’s be honest, I usually just post a picture and make a smart-ass comment or two, I put some effort into my writing. Of course, my stuff pales in comparison to the rest of the staff over there. Talking Chop is aces and should be a daily read for every Braves fan.

Now I’m rambling. So be it.

Anyway, here are my last seven posts for Talking Chop. Check them out, and then click around the site for awhile.

Finest Braves
The Affordable Hank Aaron
Sticky Braves
Five to Collect: Dale Murphy
Cardboard Memory: 1993
Gifting a Braves Collector
The Late Season Bowman Braves of 2011

Peace. Out.

Braves Cardboard Sundays

Hi all! Its been awhile …

I haven’t disappeared completely. I’ve been working on a column that appears every Sunday morning at Talking Chop (the best of the Atlanta Braves blogs) called Braves Cardboard Sundays. Here’s a short summary of each of my columns so far, in reverse chronological order:

Carboard Memory: Francisco Cabrera – A look at Francisco Cabrera’s big hit, but not the one you’re thinking about.

Five to Collect: Brian McCann – Do you want to start a Brian McCann collection? Start here.

Eric O’Flaherty Gets His Due – A look at the Atlanta Braves cards in 2011 Topps Update Series, including the long overdue first card of EOF in a Braves uniform. 

Collecting Jason Heyward – A discussion of why I collect Jason Heyward, even after the season he just had.

Hope and Pain and Hope Again – I attempt to put the Braves collapse into perspective. Mostly, I wrote this so I wouldn’t sit around sobbing like a baby.

Is It Worth It? – About the psychology that goes into purchasing a box of cards.

Cardboard Memory: Ernie Johnson – A tribute to late Braves announcer Ernie Johnson.

Braves on the Box – Topps has one sure fire way to get me to spend money on cards I don’t want: stick a Braves player on the box.

Cardboard Memory: Chris Chambliss – I recall the first Braves game I attended in person, including Chris Chambliss’ game winning hit.

Where, Oh Where, Is Eric O’Flaherty? – Why does Topps exclude certain players from a set?

A Baseball Fan, A Braves Fan, A Card Collector – An introductory column.