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Glavine Collection: 2005 Topps Total #125

This is the set that got me back into card collecting.  Naturally, Topps dumped it from their schedule immediately. After all, why make a nice set devoted to most of the players on each team’s roster when you can make more, dull, boring, expensive high end products where you get a chance to pull Felix Pie’s auto?
I will never forgive Upper Deck for moving the industry away from cardboard. Topps Total may have been printed on white stock, but it was still cardboard!!!

Glavine Collection: 2001 Upper Deck #372

A lefty about to bring his arm toward the plate? A deadly serious look on his face? A tomahawk across his chest? Must be Tom Glavine.

Full bleed picture? Colors that pop? Understated but classy card design? Must be Upper Deck.

Glavine Collection: 2000 Topps Limited Edition #241

Hey look!!!! Its a “Limited Edition” parallel of Glavine’s 2000 Topps base card! It must be very limited because while I have seven of his base card, I only have four of this version.

I’m in the money!!!!

Glavine Collection: 2000 Topps Finest #37

There are days when I wonder why I bother as a player collector. At least half my Glavine cards have Tom captured at this exact spot in his delivery. Some days, I flip through my player binders and a marvel at the differences from issue to issue, but sometimes, I just think that thanks to the pictures, every card looks the same.
Look at him. I really have a hard, hard time believing he could have been a professional hockey player.

Glavine Collection: SP Authentic #372

I like this card … quite a bit actually. Still, I don’t think the position gimmick to the left adds anything of value to the card. Could just be me.

Glavine Collection: 2000 Topps #241

Greg Maddux cards often feature a goofy face. Its a nice change of pace because otherwise, virtually every picture of a great pitcher in their motion tends to look the same. Now, Tom Glavine cards often catch him in his pitching motion. Fine. No problem. Typically, as for a lot of southpaws, it looks great … it just doesn’t vary much from card to card. The problem with Glavine cards is that, unlike the goofy faced Maddux, he has the same deadly serious look on his face whenever he’s pitching.

Check out the close up below. That’s the definition of a deadly serious look.

Glavine Collection: 2000 Fleer Tradition #192

Look at Fleer with their “throwback” design from 2000. We could say it was a blatant rip off of the 1954 Topps Design, but that wouldn’t be very nice, would it? Either way, I LOVE this card. Makes me want to get the set.

Glavine Collection: 1997 Pacific Crown Collection #232

Egads I hate Pacific. (No offense anyone!) Everything to the right of that awful Gold border is great. The border is just tacky looking. It looks out of place. I really hate that logo.
The bilingual backs are almost enough to save this card, but not quite. I know for a lot of people, the 90s are the epitome of great card making, but I don’t see it. I miss cardboard.