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Set Collection: 1976 Topps

The best complete sets are the ones you didn’t even now you had. I pulled out my monster box of 70s and early 80s cards and started sorting them a few weekends ago. To my complete and utter shock, I had the complete 1976 set. I have no idea how this happened, but I’m not complaining.

Any set that starts off with a Hank Aaron card is OK by me.
I’ve always been a big fan of the Spaceman. He tells it like it is. Plus, I’ve always wanted to try a little marijuana on my pancakes in the morning.
This is the first Hank Aaron card I ever owned. When I got it, I wasn’t bothered at all that he was wearing a Brewers uniform. After moving to Georgia in 1981 though, and becoming a tried and true Braves fan, I think it looks odd.
In 1976, when Topps had a stupid gimmick, they just shoved in the set. They didn’t create this as a short printed variation of Bevacqua’s regular card.
The prized rookie card in the ’76 set is Dennis Eckersley … one of my least favorite players of all time.
Uh oh! My Knucksie was miscut. Somehow, I’ll survive.
I prefer the Topps sets where they just placed a player’s All Star designation right on their main card. This leaves more room in the set for other players. (On an unrelated point, I once rode on the same airplane as Rod Carew.)
I’ve only included Lefty because I wanted to scan a whole page of cards and he was one of my favorite players when he was pitching. He is still one of the two or three best pitchers I’ve seen pitch.
I should point out that I’m not the one who wrote on the front of this card. I’m told that I should look to upgrade cards like this, but to tell you the truth, I don’t see the point. I like the card just like this. Who wants a bunch of perfect old cards anyway? Cards with creases, rounded corners and written words have far more character.

My Wife Loves Me

I haven’t been buying baseball cards this year because I’ve spent most of the year not working … buying new cards hasn’t been a priority. So, imagine how happy and surprised I was when my wife brought me home this …

These are both my first of the Topps cereal boxes, and my first series 2 cards of the year. Now, the great thing about being a set collector is that you want and need every card in those first packs. This is easily my favorite Topps base set since I got back into collecting in 2005 and this pack did not disappoint. The design is fun and the photography is the best I can remember in a base Topps set.

As for the inserts, they were Cy Young crazy. First, there was a Legends insert.

And, there was a Turkey Red as well. (I love this card.)

There was also a Cal Ripken insert. Nice card of a great player. Too bad I don’t really collect him.

There were also two better cards, at least when you consider the name of this blog.