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Long Overdue

(Well now, THAT was an embarrassing typo. The title has been corrected.)

Sorry this has taken so long to acknowledge guys!

Thanks to Fuji for the AWESOME Maddux cards. I’ve even slipped the famous Fuji card into my 2008 Topps binder.

Thanks to the Collective Troll for the awesome cards! The highlights he sent me were a 1971 Fergie and a 1971 Lefty! The best though was the 1962 Adcock! Thanks man.

Finally, thanks to fellow Braves fan Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping. He sent me an AMAZING Prado autograph from Triple Threads and an awesome Glavine relic and more! (Can you say Glavine and Maddux?) It’s getting harder and harder to find Prado cards he needs, but I’ve got my eye out Derek! I’ll be all over any want lists you post my friend.

Once I start posting regularly again, I’ll be getting pictures of a lot of these cards up.

(One More Thing. I’ve been posting every Sunday over at Talking Chop with a feature titled Braves Cardboard Sundays. Check it out! I’m also reviewing books for Talking Chop and I’ll be receiving my review copy of the Smoltz biography soon. I’ll let everyone know when that post is up.)

A Few Thank Yous

Hey all. I’ll be back to it in another week or so but I wanted to send out a few thanks before I totally f’ up my karma.

First, thanks to rhubarb_runner for the Maddux items! Its always cool to get items of your favorite player that you didn’t know existed. I’ll get the pictures up sometime when I’m back blogging. Your cards are on the way David, sorry for the delay!

Thanks also to Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping for a few Smoltzies I needed! Much appreciated my friend. Look for a thank you late next week.

Finally, a long overdue thank you to cubsfan731 for a few Braves, including a Glavine I needed, to complete a trade. Thanks Justin!

Two More Times I Get to Say Thank You!!!!

A big thanks to Night Owl (for a few Smoltzies, a Glavine and a stack of 81 Topps from my want list) and AJ at the Lost Collector (for the big stack of Braves, including cards from each of the big three that I needed)!!!!!!!!!! I got both of your packages today. I’ve got the blog on autopilot at the moment, but I’ll show off some of the cards soon. Thanks again guys!

Mail Call!!!!

Thanks to Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping! He just helped me out with my favorite thing in collecting. More on that this afternoon.

A big thanks to the Daily Dimwit … again … for helping me clear out a chunk of my 2009 Allen & Ginter wants AND for the two Smoltz relics. Thanks Sam!! I have so few Smoltz relics and these are both awesome!! Look for posts soon of the cards.

The Mailman Brought Me Some Awesome!!!!

Thanks to Adam from Thoughts and Sox!!! I sent him some of my Red Sox Finest and he sent me a Chipper Jones N43, an Andruw Jones relic, 2 Maddux cards I needed, 2 Smoltz cards, a Glavine card, and some assorted other awesome Braves you can see below. Thanks again Adam!

Thanks to Charlie over at the Lifetime Topps Project (easily one of the best blogs out there) for the four Maddux cards and the Smoltzie card!!! Much appreciated my friend. 

Thanks to Derek at Tomahawk Chopping for 13 Braves for my Atlanta Braves binder, 8 Smoltz cards I needed, 2 needed Glavine cards, and 2 needed Maddux cards! Thank you, thank you, thank you, go Braves!

And finally, thanks to Greg at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle for a giant stack of 88’s and 89’s as well as some assorted Braves. Awesome stuff Greg!

The Mailman Came Yesterday!!!!

Thanks to Jeremy!!!! In return for a dozen and a half 1980 Topps cards from his want list, he sent me THIRTY-FIVE 2009 Allen & Ginters AND two 1980 Topps. You the man Jeremy.

Thanks to BA Benny!!!!! What a cool assortment of cards. Exactly one each of Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz that I needed (look for them), three guys I needed for my Braves binder (including an awesome gold Alex Gonzalez, look for them as well), an assortment of other Braves including the Chipper cards below, both of which I didn’t have. BA Benny is now officially one of my two favorite Mets fans. Who knew there could be such a thing?

Set Collection: 1971 Topps

1971 Topps is one of those sets where I wonder if I’ll ever actually complete the set. Thanks to Rhubarb_Runner, I’m a bit closer. He even sent me a high number! The cards are filed away in my 1971 binder and removed from my want list.

The Martinez is a high number!!!
Dave Duncan is one of my least favorite coaches in MLB. I don’t really care for anyone associated with Tony LaRussa with the possible exception of Albert Pujols.

Thanks again to Rhubarb_Runner for the trade!

The Mailman Commeth!!!!

Thanks Colbey!!!! (… for sending me from 2011 Topps: a Derreck Lee for my Atlanta Braves binder, a Chipper Jones T60 and the Mike Minor / Tommy Hanson Duo card.)

Thanks Rhubarb_Runner!!!! (… for sending me TWO AWESOME GLAVINE CARDS I needed as well as 5 cards from my 1971 want list.)

Thanks guys! I’ll post some of the cards soon.

(Oops. Sorry David!!!!)

Awww Crap

Well, I managed to get packages to the post office for the following: cubsfan731, Greg Zakwin, AdamE, BA Benny, mmmrhubarb, Derek at Tomahawk Chopping, and The Dimwit. Due to stupidity, I left several at home. So, I’ll get out the packages promised to Alfredo, AstrosFreakCam and Night Owl tomorrow or Monday. Sorry guys!

As for those asking for stuff by team from this post, I’ve put post-it notes on the box with your information and as soon as I get it all sorted by team, I’ll contact you.

Set Collection: 1979 Topps

As any set builder will tell you, there’s no better feeling in collecting that getting that last card you need to complete a set, and sliding it into a sheet in a binder. This set took me forever to complete. I started building it in, oh, let’s say 1979. At some point, many of my 1979s went missing so I had to practically start over. Last year, I started sorting them out and I had around 200 from my old collection and another 700 or so that I had picked up from various card shops over the past few years. To my amazement, I only needed a single card. Well, sort of.

The card I needed was the infamous Bump Wills card. (For those who don’t know Bump, he’s Maury Wills son.) Despite playing for the Rangers, his card was originally printed with a Blue Jays banner across the bottom. At some point during the year, Topps corrected the card. I believe the corrected version is slightly more valuable than the error version, but I could be wrong.

I’ve never really been one to chase down error cards, but since both of these are affordable, I figured I might as well pick them both up. Well, thanks to reader Paul, I just completed a trade for both versions of the card. All it cost me was a handful of 1980 Topps. Thanks Paul!

This is the error card. 
This is the corrected version.