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Brawl Week: I’m Not Sure

I can’t say for certain, but I don’t think that Derek Lee liked what Chris Young had to say as he walked to first base.

Brawl Week: Cam Footage

Most of the baseball footage on You Tube these days is camcorder footage of a fight. The problem is that most people don’t start shotting until after the fight has already begun. In this case, the fan got the start of the fight.

Brawl Week: Ha!

The best part of the video of this Jr. College brawl is some girl shrieking about her boyfriend getting hit.

Brawl Week: Tit for Tat

Here’s a classic brawl that follows the formula. Guy hits home run. Guy gets beaned his next time up. Guy’s team retaliates. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Brawl Week: A Korean Baseball Fight

I just finished Ross Bernstein’s The Code: Baseball’s Unwritten Rules and Its Ignore-at-Your-Own-Risk Code of Conduct and it got me to thinking about the role that brawls play in baseball. Like many fans, I think today’s hitters have gotten much too comfortable on the inside of the plate and are far too quick to rush the mound. Still, I have to admit, I get an adrenaline rush every time I see a baseball brawl.

I went out to You Tube to see if I could find any video of my favorite brawls, but it looks like MLB has cracked down on baseball stuff showing up on You Tube. Still, I found this video of a Korean baseball fight. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?