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Was It Worth It? Part Seven

Assorted Junk Wax Packs
If you are keeping score, a good junk wax pack contains a Brave or Greg Maddux. All of the rest suck, even if they are filled with Mike Schmidt and Nolan Ryan. (As you will see, there were also some cards of recent vintage.)

The Good
1. 1990 Donruss Wax – Mark Lemke!!!
2. 1988 Leaf Wax  – Gerald Perry!
3. 1992 Fleer Wax – Brian Hunter!
4. 1988 Topps Cello – Dion James!!!
5. 1988 Donruss Cello – Jeff Blauser!!!
6. 1990 Topps Wax – Mike Stanton!!
7. 1989 Donruss Wax – TOM GLAVINE!!!!
8. 1986 Donruss Major League All Stars Cello – Dale Murphy BIG!!!!
9. 2007 Topps Series 2 – Willy Aybar

The Bad
1. 1998 Team Best Minor League Cards Foil – NOTHING
2. 1988 Topps Wax – NOTHING
3. 1989 Topps Wax – NOTHING
4. 1991 Topps Wax – NOTHING
5. 1990 Upper Deck Foil – NOTHING
6. 1988 Topps American Baseball (UK) Wax – NOPE
7. 2007 Upper Deck Series 2 – Uh Uh
8. 2007 Upper Deck Series 2 – See Above
9. 2007 Fleer Ultra – Ha!
10. 2009 Bowman – Nothing
11. 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights – NOPE
12. 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights – NOPE
13. 2008 Topps Opening Day – HA HA HA!
14. 2009 SP – Yeah. Right.
15. 2009 Godwin Champions – NOPE
16. 2009 Obak – Moose Skowron, Ted Williams, Stan Musial … and a mini of Nick F’N Lachey??? Epic fail.
17. Cards One Pieces of History – HA

The Verdict
There’s maybe one cards I don’t already have that I’m going to keep, but God help me, I love opening this type of stuff. WORTH IT

Was It Worth It? Part Six

2010 Topps Year in Chrome Box #2
The Good
1. Another set of the refractors. These are all available for trade.

The Bad
1. One again, not ONE single card other than the refractors that I collect.

The Verdict
FAIL – One box was worth it, I should have told my wife NO to box number two.

Was It Worth It? Part Five

2010 Topps Year in Chrome Box #1
The Good
1. Jason Heyward!!!

2. Mickey Mantle!!!

3. Jackie Robinson!!!!!!!!

The Bad
1. Not one card other than the included refractors that I have any interest in keeping.

The Verdict
BARELY WORTH IT – No way this box was worth the money my wife spent on it, but those refractors are really cool. I consider one box of this worth it.

Was It Worth It? An Introduction

Every year, my wife and other family members get me a lot of cards to open for Christmas. I love opening new packs, but I don’t do it very much anymore. I’ve become very jaded about the direction of the hobby and in 2010, rather than buy my usual Jumbo boxes for Topps Series 1, Topps Series 2, and Topps Update and my usual three hobby boxes of Heritage and Allen & Ginter, I decided to just buy the sets. No doubt, this has saved me money. More importantly, I’m not paying extra for a bunch of phantom hits I’ll never get. (Besides, there are enough group breaks online for me to get my “gambling fix”.)

So, since I’m not opening more than a few stray packs and a random blaster throughout the year, the packs I get a Christmas have added significance for me. The day after Christmas, I was looking at the cards and I decided that to make the fun last, I would open one pack a day until there were no more packs left to open. I then proceeded to open every single packs within a one hour time period.

What did I open?

– One Blaster of Bowman Platinum (Thanks Nicole!)
– One Blaster of Bowman Chrome (Thanks Nicole!)
– One Blaster of Topps Chrome (Thanks Nicole!)
– One Box of Target 2010 Topps Best of Chrome (Thanks Nicole!)
– Another Box of Target 2010 Topps Best of Chrome (Thanks Nicole!)
– One retail box of 2009 Topps Update (Thanks Mom!)
– One box of various unopened junk wax!!!! (Thanks Nicole!)

I was left with a very specific taste in my mouth after opening my packs. After I was done, I had to ask myself: was worth it? I certainly could have handed my wife my want list and have her hit a card shop up for a bunch of cards I know I need. Still, there’s the thrill of opening a pack and discovering that amazing card that you want.

Each of these boxes cost someone real money. Was worth it? Tune in and see.