Category: “Willing to Trade”

Autograph Collection: Felix Pie #1

I managed to pull two Felix Pie autographs from two straight boxes a few years ago. I was going to post them both, but I can’t seem to find the other. What are the chances that it sucked so hard that it collapsed into itself and is gone forever?

Why Felix Pie today? Lets just say he had an interesting reaction towards an umpire in winter ball.

Autograph Collection: Troy Tulowitzki

One of the better autographs I managed to pull myself. Troy is certainly one of the better young players in the game, and since I don’t hate the Rockies, at least not with any sort of burning passion, I’m happy to have pulled his card. I’ll also be happy to trade it. Any offers?

Autograph Collection: Don Zimmer

I’ve busted a lot of boxes of Heritage since I got back into collecting in 2005. (At least three a year … some years I’ve busted as many as six … well … except for this year where I just bought the master set on eBay.) I always, always, always pull relics … except for the two times I didn’t. Here’s one of those times. Lots of people love Don Zimmer. Me? I can’t stand him. I believe it was the spaceman Bill Lee who called him the designated gerbil. As for what Pedro did to him? Well, seriously. What kind of old, bald idiot runs at Pedro? If you think more highly of the Zimm than I do, make me an offer for the card.


Autograph Collection: Hanley Ramirez

Hanley was one of my favorite young players but, and maybe I had my head in the sand, I thought he was a good kid. Turns out, he’s an asshole. (A very talented asshole … but still … an asshole.) Plus, Freddi Gonzales is one of my favorite people in baseball. Does anyone want to trade for this autograph of this asshole?


Autograph Collection: Roger Clemens

I was checking out the card rack at our local Target and I found this pack with a 50% sticker on it. Generally, I wouldn’t buy this set, but at half off, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. My thinking is that I would either get a relic card of a great player or another Felix Pie autograph. Well, I did better than that.

Now Clemens is easily one of my least favorite players of all time. Let me put it this way: consider how YOU feel about Barry Bonds … that’s how I feel about Clemens, and it’s how I’ve felt about him since he got himself thrown out of that playoff game in 1990. It was at that point that I realized that he wasn’t just a hot head with a great fastball, but that he was also an idiot.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this card. I’ll entertain trade offers, but I expect that I’ll put it up on eBay.


Surprise Purchase: Printing Plate

I found one final hit in the box: a printing plate. Of a player I don’t particularly care for. (I hate every member of the Boston Red Sox by default. Sorry, but I can’t help myself. I’m not sure I’ve liked anyone on the team since Spaceman.)

You want it? Make me an offer.

Surprise Purchase: Bowman Autographs

Well, the boxes had a lot of Bowman cards, which means there were a lot of autographs. The question is this: would they be autographs of anyone I give a hoot about? Did I find anyone whose autograph is worth owning? Let’s see.

Well, I know his brother is in the Braves organization. Or was. I don’t remember. No matter. I know that Kila didn’t exactly set the world on fire for the Royals this year, although he showed a lot of pop towards the end of the season. He was, however, a stud at AAA. The questions now is this: is he a big league player of a AAAA player? Time will tell.

Wow. This guy moved right through the minors without problem, but hit a bumpy road in AAA this year, where he posted an ERA almost two runs higher than his previous high. Still, he was great down the stretch for Memphis and may end up filling the 5th starter slot for St. Louis at some point next year, although he should start the season again in Memphis. 

A former first round pick who has yet to hit above .223 in the minors. I’m not holding my breath for his big Phillie debut.

Played well in high A this year, and got called up to AA where he struggled, but was far from awful. He really isn’t considered a prospect. 

He’s a Padre now and has seen action in 50+ games this year where he’s proven to be a solid big league player. Nothing jumps out at you, but not bad at all.

He’s bounced around the minors for years. (He was originally drafted in 2001.)  He had a cup of coffee with the Angels in 2007. He had some pop, but it must have desserted him. Why is this guy in the set as an auto?

A lot of the people who follow the Royals like this kid a lot and he had a strong second half. 

Surprise Purchase: Fake Patch Autographs

So, how’d I make out on the Finest fake patch autographs? Let’s see …

Unimpressive. I’m assuming he was injured most of this season since he only played a single game in Rookie ball. He was once a Top 50 Baseball America prospect, but no more.

A September call-up for the Yankees who I don’t think anyone sees as a big time, big league player. He’s been up three straight Septembers for three different teams.

Now we’re talking. The man with the MONSTER clothesline. The man who’s the best rookie in the National League not named Heyward or Posey. I hate the fish. Hate, hate, hate the fish. However, how can you not like a guy who can throw a clothesline like the one he hit Morgan with? Not a bad card at all, unless, you’re of the opinion that all fake patches suck. In that case, this one would just suck less than the other two.